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arbitration A trader supplying an arbitrage strategy – arbitrageur – buys an active from one stock and sells it to another at a higher price. Arbitrage has been existing for long and proved itself the most reliable strategy for earning on classic stock and currency markets. Now the great number of crypto currency and stocks puts arbitrage on a different level of dynamics and earning opportunities for private investors. Our service offers you a unique opportunity to take advantage of this situation on the market. trades
at cryptocurrency market

+ screener for Intra-exchange arbitrage deals

profitable 1-25% arbitrage pairs right now
stocks are already connected to the service
Guaranteed income regardless the market movements
Guaranteed income regardless the market movements
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Telegram bot with interexchange trades
Telegram bot with interexchange trades
  • Setting up exchanges directly in the bot: Binance, Bybit, Bittrex, Hitbtc, Poloniex, KuCoin,, OKX, Huobi, Exmo
  • Filters by profit size and maximum amount in trades
  • The receipt of arbitration trades in your Telegram with a delay of only 2 seconds
  • The ability to engage in arbitration from a mobile device
  • A convenient guide to arbitrage trading directly in the bot
  • Easy connection to the bot in your personal account on the site after subscribing
  • Available on all tariff plans starting from the “Beginner" tariff
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10 reasons why Arby will help you earn money

Guaranteed income

It doesn’t matter if market goes up or down you can always gain with arbitrage deals

The major stocks

We collect data from largest exchanges and provide live information with just a 30 seconds delay.

3 calculation algorithms

The service is adjusted to the most quick arbitrage algorithm by default settings. Also, two more algorithms are available.

Quick result

Every 30 seconds the service gives about 10 inter-exchange arbitrage pairs

Transfer timing

On every arbitrage pair the service shows the potential time of actives’ transfers from one stock to another

Price change

For each pair the price change is displayed for half an hour and an hour. This helps to understand the stock exchange climate at the moment.

Reliability evaluation

The service evaluates the market situation and other various factors to help you in choosing the most profitable and reliable deal

Convenient filters

With the help of filters you may tune any settings, enable/disable stock exchanges so that you can find deals tailored to your tasks

Equal loading distribution

With a large number of users online, we distribute stocks and arbitrage pairs keeping a possibility for arbitrage for everyone.

Intra-exchange arbitrage

Ability to make arbitrage transactions in one exchange


Arby indicators on TradingView

In addition to the arbitrage screeners, there are 3 our indicators on TradingView for even more productive work and analysis
The ability to track the spread in real time from one to 12 trading pairs simultaneously
Analysis of the spread and the number of arbitrage situations in history
Setting up alerts for selected bundles when a set spread value is detected
Full access to indicators on all tariff plans, starting with the “Beginner” tariff


*Number of subscriptions is limited ? This is a necessary measure to preserve the possibility of arbitration for everyone.
The cost of a subscription can be rewarded within a few hours

How it works?

Everything for the start at interexchange arbitrage
Screener for Intra-exchange arbitrage,deals without transfers between exchanges
History of interexchange spreads. Interexchange arbitrage without coins transfer.
Screener for Intra-exchange arbitrage on BINANCE exchange.

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How much money can I start with?
We recommend starting with a small amount – $20-30. At the initial stage the main target is to understand the principles of work in practice, and so that the cost of mistakes is insignificant if there are any. At the next stage, you can increase the amount to $200-500, so that the profit you receive is enough to cover all commissions, and what was earned from above was already a net profit. Depending on the liquidity on a particular coin (exchange), the maximum amount in trades can range from several hundred dollars to several tens of thousands of dollars. For each arbitration situation our scanners show the maximum allowable amount in transactions.
How many arbitration situations per day?
At the moment, 24 exchanges are connected to the our screener and this list is being updated. The number of analyzed coins is measured in thousands. This means that arbitration situations arise stably and the number of arbitrage bundles can be 10 or more even within an hour. This is also influenced by the current volatility in the market, but there is always something to trade.
How much can I earn from arbitration?
This is influenced by many factors: the current volatility in the market, the amount of time a trader spends on arbitrage trading, the size of a working deposit for arbitration, the number of exchanges where a trader has accounts (– the number of potential arbitrage situations that a trader can take on). In a relatively moderate mode of operation you can earn 2-3% of the deposit per day, excluding work on high-risk bundles with an increased volume of profit. With more intensive work – 5-10% per day.
How long do arbitrage bundles live?
The period of validity of the spread ranges from minutes to several tens of minutes. In general, we recommend paying special attention to bundles in which the sale of coins should be carried out on a large highly liquid exchange (for example, Binance, Bybit, Kucoin, OKX) – on these exchanges the price is not as volatile as on other exchanges, it is more stable, and this affects the lifetime of the bundle. It is also worth paying attention to the network and the transfer time (the screener shows this information) – for example, in the ERC20, BEP20, TRX, ALGO networks, transactions occur quickly, which significantly increases the ability to work out arbitration quickly and with maximum profit.
What about the demo period?
An arbitration service is not a trading bot, a channel with signals or other trading soft, access to which does not affect other users in any way. Arbitrage bundles have their own lifetime and are sensitive to the number of traders who are working out the same arbitrage situation at the moment. In order to avoid abuse of the free demo period, we have a "Start" tariff plan for two weeks for a nominal price, which performs the function of trying out the service, while having almost full functionality.
Which country can I trade from?
Unfortunately, each country has its own availability of certain exchanges. Therefore, the use of VPN services has already become the norm. Experimentally determine which exchanges are available/ unavailable from your region and, if necessary, get a VPN service. Our only recommendation here is to try not to use free VPN services.
Do exchanges block the accounts of arbitrageurs?
The main income of any exchange consists of the commissions of traders who pay to its exchange when making any transaction. The more and more often a trader makes transactions, the more the exchange earns. Therefore – no, they do not block, on the contrary, they earn from it.
What is the difference from P2P arbitration?
In P2P arbitration schemes, in addition to the arbitrage trader and the exchange, there is also a third party - another individual on the P2P platform, exchangers, and other payment systems and banks. This lengthens the chain of the entire arbitration transaction and significantly increases the risks. In this case, the risks are not only technical. Another participant in the P2P platform may turn out to be a fraudster, as well as a third-party exchanger, and the bank, seeing a suspicious frequency of deposits and transfers on the p2p arbitrageur's bank card, can block it, freezing funds indefinitely. Interexchange and intra-exchange arbitration is devoid of all these risks, since all transactions take place only within the exchanges themselves and only between the accounts of the trader himself, without the participation of any third party in the process.
How can I pay for access to the service?
At the moment, we have temporarily suspended the possibility of paying with bank cards and you can pay for access in the following ways: – in cryptocurrency using the Cryptomus processing service; – in USDT (TRC20 and BEP20) directly to our wallets; – in cryptocurrency and in fiat using the Payeer payment service. For more information on each payment method, see the payment screen after you select one of the tariffs.
What is the security of my funds?
We do not accept or store users funds, and we do not own information about users accounts and wallets. The service only provides access to arbitration bundles that it has found on the market. And the trader makes the trades himself, using his accounts on the exchanges. Regarding security in general, we strongly recommend that you use two-factor identification on exchanges; before transferring coins between exchanges, make sure that the transfer network matches between withdrawal and deposit wallets; keep the amount of funds needed only for work on exchanges, and store the rest on a non-custodial wallets (for example, MetaMask or Trust Wallet).
Where should I transfer funds? Do you accept money for management?
Apart from the payment for the tariff, we do not accept funds from our users and do not accept funds for management. Be careful – sites that copy the design of our service periodically appear on the network, which accept funds from inattentive users on the promise of paying a percentage – this is a scam, a classic pyramid fraudulent scheme.
After paying the tariff, will there be an automatic debit every time?
No, we do not have automatic debiting of your funds. Therefore, when the subscription period expires access to the service will stop and you will need to re- pay for the selected tariff. We will notify you about this in advance by email and a message in the Telegram bot, if you have it enabled.

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