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Intra-exchange arbitrage on binance

The intra-exchange screener for the Binance exchange searches for intra-exchange arbitrage chains between the three currencies. All chains start (and end) with one of the four coins - USDT, BTC, ETH, BNB. Therefore, in order to be able to participate in each of the chains, we recommend you have a balance on the exchange for each of the listed coins.

Filters can be used to set the desired level of profit in the arbitrage chains, taking into account your commission on the exchange.
The profit values in the chains are indicated already taking into account the commission multiplied by 3, since when executing an arbitration chain of three coins you carry out three transactions to exchange one coin for another.

To get maximum profit and reduce the commission, we recommend opening deals with limit orders near the spread at the best price. These are the prices indicated in the table for each arbitration chain – they are highlighted in color – and it is based on them that the profit value is calculated (taking into account the commission).

The Volume column displays the maximum allowable volume in a single transaction within the chain in the coin for which you need to buy (sell) another coin. In terms of USD, these volumes coincide.

The Delay column is of a technical nature and does not affect trading.

In the upper right corner above the table, you can enable/disable sound
alerts – they will be triggered every time the screener finds an arbitration chain corresponding to the filter settings. You don't have to constantly look at the screener – this page and sound alerts will work in the background.
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There will be intra-exchange arbitrage

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