The Encyclopedia of Trading is an independent section of the Arby service.Trade – includes practical and comprehensive information for successful trading in financial markets (mainly cryptocurrency).

The encyclopedia’s material is divided into sections and articles, acquaintance with which is recommended to start from the Basics, gradually moving into the very depths of the study of the trading craft.

We, the authors of the encyclopedia and active traders, have tried to structure all our knowledge and accumulated practical experience (>10 years in the stock market, 5 years in the cryptocurrency market). When preparing materials, we sought to highlight in the encyclopedia exactly the knowledge and to such an extent that it was possible to understand the mechanics of the market in the shortest possible time, lay down the correct “reading” of the trader’s main tools (charts, print tape, glass), give the principles of building your own trading strategies, and also prepared a separate section with ready-made workers strategies for scalpers and medium–term traders are exactly what we use ourselves, every day.

Each article contains texts in an accessible language, diagrams, examples, graphs, and videos, where it is necessary to demonstrate the movements of the real market and the correct behavior of a trader when practicing a particular trading strategy. Read more about the composition of strategies in the Ready-made strategies section.

The encyclopedia is not an ordinary trading course, trading school, etc.
The encyclopedia is
1) sufficient base for a confident start in the market and
2) an exhaustive set of ready-made “recipes” (trading strategies) for stable earnings in the market.

The encyclopedia allows you to determine the depth of “immersion” in the subject area yourself and choose specific trading strategies to study.

And for those who will study everything and it will not seem enough to them, we are ready to continue within the framework of an individual or group lesson (the last heading of the encyclopedia is an entry for a practical lesson).


– Who is looking for the buttons “loot” and “output to the map”.
– Who wants to earn money here and now, and is not ready to spend at least some time studying, practicing and analyzing.
– Who thinks they know everything.


– Who is only at the very beginning.
– Who is already trading, but it is necessary to systematize knowledge.
– Who is already trading, but is still at zero or periodically gives their deposit to the market.
– Who trades 2-3 strategies and wants to replenish the arsenal.
– Who came to the market to work and earn.